Switching from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome’s ties with all things advertising and tracking have led me to switch to the Firefox web browser. Firefox (and Mozilla, its parent company) are aiming to differentiate their software offerings with an emphasis on privacy protection and security, and at least for me, their strategy is working.

I thought crossing over would be more difficult, but it was actually a simple process. Here’s what I migrated and how I did it:

  1. Bookmarks: Export bookmarks from Chome, Import those bookmarks into Firefox.
  2. Settings: Browse through Firefox’s settings and make some tweaks. Most notably, under Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Data, I tweaked the settings to clear Firefox’s cookies when I close the browser. I also added some exceptions for sites I use daily, like Google.
  3. Extensions/Add-Ons: I found the Firefox versions of Momentum, Grammarly, and Adblock easy enough. Since the impetus for my switch was privacy, after talking with my brother, I also installed the fantastic Multi-Account Container extension. It lets you isolate Facebook into its own browser process, and lets you sign in to multiple Gmail accounts, all in the same browser window. It took a few minutes to setup but was well worth it.

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